Tuesday, July 22, 2014

[travel] Upcoming trip to Australia!!!

I've been holding onto this VERY EXCITING news (who know how!?) and keeping as quiet as I could since last December now, fearing the worst... that somehow, something might go wrong and my biggest dream for the year might not come true.

BUT now? Well, I'm soooo happy to say that it's come true! Nek actually got his visa granted, so we've booked the flights and we will be off to AUSTRALIA!!!!

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I can't begin to tell you all, or even try to put into words how STOKED I am about this trip. For one, I'm dying to see my family again (as most of my friends and clients know) all of my close family and I made trips here and there within just a few months of each other, meaning we all saw each other around the same time and haven't since. So it worked out that it's been nearly two years since we all saw each other in person (I mean, I'm sure my brother will look completely different than when I last saw him - I'm talking different coloured hair and new piercings/tattoos, people!) and all I can say is... I love the internet. Thank god for Viber. and Skype. And Whats App. Oh, and snapchat, which is apparently the only social media/application cool enough for my brother to use, so I have the app to communicate solely with him! haha ;)

For another, well, I get to show Nek around the AU-land! I just know he's going to LOVE it!! When we first met, Australia was the country he most wanted to go to, and we are finally getting the chance to go together! I'm sure there will be surfing. And shark catching (by mistake, as my dad did yesterday morning). And Great Ocean Road.. road trips.

Back to the awesome dealeo/announcement thing we've got going on...

I just wanted to say, if you or any one you know and love would be interested in having Cherry May Ward photograph you while we are there... please feel free to get in touch. You can email me at hello@cherrymayward.com, I can't wait to hear what you have in mind!! :)

We will be spreading our time between 3 cities, because I have family ALL over the place haha ;)

First up is Cairns. We will arrive 15th October 2014 and stay approximately 2 weeks then head to Sydney for two weeks, the Melbourne for, you guessed it, two weeks! Then we fly back to Thailand just in time for the busy season here in December.

Australian travel itinerary, photographer travelling though Australia, travel to Cairns, Sydney and Melbourne,


Cairns, Queensland
15th October - (approximately) 30th October

Sydney, New South Whales
(approximately) 30th October - 14th November

Melbourne, Victoria
(approximately) 14th November - 29th November

I am hoping to get lots of family and friends time in of course, but would also like to devote some time to photography while there, as I'd LOVE to get to go back more often, and there's nothing I love more that travelling and working at the same time...  :D

The dates above are approximate at the moment (although they won't be much different, just depends on the cheapest domestic flights at the end of the day), the two certain dates are the arrival and departure dates (and that's how we like to travel haha, not too much planning!) .

I really am open to anything, I'm a couples & wedding photographer, so I LOVE photographing love... think engagement photography, proposing, elopements, a lifestyle shoot with a couple who loves to SURF, any kind of styled/conceptual shoot with a model or couple, I'd love to hear from you!

Ohhh and it's my dream to shoot a couple on top of the cliffs down south along the Great Ocean Road, I just want to put the idea out there, because I know it's do-able, and would be so amazingly beautiful!!!

Also, if you are a photographer... I'd love to meet up! I love meeting new photographers and making friends!!!

A very HAPPY WEDNESDAY, from an oh-so-excited Cherry!



Saturday, July 19, 2014

[wedding] Pam & Matt, Villa Tassana Pra, Choeng Mon, Koh Samui

When Pam started telling me about the finer details of her day, I got so excited, know that I was her photographer... I mean, THIS VILLA!! And then there's the stunning dress she had tailored, the DIY details, everything.

They flew all the way from Seattle, USA to have this beautiful destination wedding on Koh Samui, and I think it was definitely worth it! Their day was so special with just a few close friends attending and making a week-long holiday out of their trip. :)

Pam actually organised this whole wedding by herself, she contacted all the vendors and decorated the villa, it really was such a lovely day to be a part of and felt so personal to them! I'd been lucky enough to come up to the villa a few days before the special day to have dinner with them, and felt so welcomed! Now I'm sad it's all over already, but I'm so excited for Pam and Matt's travel-honeymoon, which they are currently on... Vietnam, India and then Italy!

As soon as I met them in person, I could tell why they are meant to be together. Sitting at the dinner table surrounded by their friends, and Pam's Mum, Betty... he explained intricate details of travel locations, cultures, food while although everyone else was beginning to get tired from their long flight, she just bubbled over with excitement at the thought of marrying him in a few days time.  :)

The villa they decided to get married in - after searching high and low - was Villa Tassana Pra, a beautiful Thai style villa pitched on top of a hill in Choeng Mon with views from the Big Buddha in Bang Rak, all the way to Chaweng Beach.  For those of you not familiar with the island just yet... that means sunset AND sunrise views!!! Can you imagine?!?

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Pam had this beautiful dress tailor made after buying all the fabrics herself, she knew exactly the look she wanted and I think the results are amazing!! It's one of the coolest wedding dresses I've seen yet! 

It's a knee length dress with red silk underneath a layer of white lace, and she also had this beautiful detachable chiffon skirt with a red silk belt with beaded details on it.... SO PRETTY!

red silk and white lace wedding dress with detachable chiffon skirt, taylor made wedding dress,  beautiful wedding dress, stunning white and red wedding dress, Thailand private villa wedding, Koh Samui Tassana Pra villa wedding

Pam's mum, Betty helped a lot with the planning process and they loved spending the time together, choosing out details for her dress :)

wedding dress details, red silk with white lace, white chiffon skirt with red silk belt with beaded details, Koh Samui villa wedding, Mother of bride on wedding day, Thailand wedding

The villa is furnished with some of the most beautiful Thai style decor, and the WHOLE place is built from this gorgeous dark polished wood and has a really timeless, classic Thai feel to it... (wait 'til you see the gardens though, they are AMAZING too!)

beautiful Thai style furniture, peacock mirror, beautiful colours, polished dark wooden villa in Thailand, Koh Samui classic Thai villa perfect for intimate weddings

Pam had these amazing views over Bang Rak beach while doing her makeup, so pretty!

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She also did an amazing job at finding the best people to work with on the island all by herself (or maybe I'm just biased, haha!), she had organised for Sally who is a freelance Hair and Make-Up artist on the island (and a talented one at that) to do her hair!

hair and make up artist ooh samui, freelance wedding hair and makeup on Koh Samui, Thailand, Cherry May Ward Photography

K. Jew of OK Flower Samui to make her some beautiful flower arrangements out of peonies, roses, lilies and orchids :)

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The villa is looked after by the most kind and lovely Thai people, who I met during my first visit for dinner... They really took great care of Pam and Matt and everyone who stayed at the villa, helped with information about Thailand, the Thai culture and encouraged everyone to try lots of delicious Thai food (which they cooked themselves for us!). There were even bowls of local seasonal Thai fruits including my personal favourite, the mangosteen! I'd definitely recommend trying as many foods and fruits as possible during your visit to Thailand, you might just find something you LOVE! :)

bowl of seasonal Thai fruit, mangoes, mango, mangosteen, rambutan, the most delicious Thai fruit

Since Pam and Matt decided to have such an intimate wedding, Pam had planned to do everything herself, so their friends all pitched in on the day and helped in little parts from decorating the villa, to making the cocktails... it was such a fun and friendly day to be a part of :)

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Koh Samui Villa wedding decorations, Thailand villa wedding decorations, colourful villa wedding decorations, DIY decorations, ribbons on chairs, flower petals in banana leaf cones

maid of honour bouquet, colourful bouquet with peonies, roses and orchids, Thailand villa wedding decorations, colourful villa wedding decorations, DIY decorations, ribbons on chairs, flower petals in banana leaf cones

K. Jew did a beautiful job at creating this beautiful flower arch for their wedding ceremony, the colours worked together perfectly and made for a bright, fun aisle to go along with all of Pam's other details perfectly. 

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wedding ceremony next to pool, intimate villa wedding ceremony by the pool, Koh Samui wedding ceremony with a view, Cherry May Ward Photography, cone with flowers and petals to throw

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The gardens and surrounding grounds at this villa are simply STUNNING and made for the perfect background to such a relaxed intimate wedding party. :)

Koh Samui wedding at private villa, Villa with beautiful grounds, beautiful gardens, Thai Villa with beautiful gardens, Thai Villa with surrounding gardens on a hill, bride getting ready, bride's reflection in mirror

I LOVED the one side hairstyle Sally came up with... as I said - TALENTED woman!

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Then it was time for Pam to get into her dress and get a few quick photos before the wedding ceremony... :)

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Julie was Pam's maid of honour and helped Pam with so many details on the day and leading up to her wedding! I loved that her dress matched the aisle decor as well, very pretty!

maid of honour at the aisle, Koh Samui wedding with colourful details, Thailand wedding colourful DIY decorations, destination wedding in Thailand, Cherry May Ward Photography

Ohhh, this is ALWAYS, hands down one of my favourite moments!!! When Matt first saw Pam in her dress, I mean what a happy looking man!

bride and groom first see each other, bride walking towards the groom, bride walking down the aisle, Koh Samui villa wedding, emotional groom watching the bride, Thailand wedding, intimate destination wedding

And then a kiss on the cheek, aww!

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THIS was hilarious! When their friends threw the flower petals up as Pam and Matt walked back up the aisle, Matt got hit in the head with a cone... haha, someone threw the whole one at them! Ooops! 

just married, throwing flower petals over the bride and groom, walking back up the aisle, happy, intimate destination wedding in Thailand, Cherry May Ward Photography

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Here's a lovely photo of EVERYONE... as you can see, it's such a lovely intimate wedding! 

Pam and the girls...

 FUN wedding party in Thailand, Fun wedding, Fun bride! happy bride, married on Koh Samui at Sunset,

Matt's friend made these delicious looking Piña Coladas in coconuts!!! I just LOVE the vibrant colours of everyone's outfits against the grass and coconuts!

Piña coladas in coconuts, Thai coconuts, cocktails in coconuts, colourful wedding party, colourful destination wedding

mother of the bride's boutonniere, peony buttonhole, pink peony boutonnaire, bridal bouquet, beautiful bouquet for the bride, destination wedding flowers

bride with her mother, groom with his best friend, destination wedding in Thailand

Matt and the boys... hilarious!

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villa wedding on the mountain with sunset views, beautiful views from private villa wedding, Thailand villa wedding, views of Bang Rak and Bophut beach, Koh Samui private Thai villa

Sigh... I CANNOT get over this view, stunning!

Thailand villa wedding with the most beautiful view, view over the water, sunset view from private villa, wedding on to of a hill with sunset view on Koh Samui

Thailand villa wedding with the most beautiful view, view over the water, view with pool over the sea, infinity pool, wedding in Thailand, sunset view from private villa, wedding on to of a hill with sunset view on Koh Samui

There was even this cute swing in the garden where we had to go and get some photos!

view over the pool, bride and groom across from an infinity pool, bride and groom with a view, grid and groom sitting on a swing, Private villa wedding with a view

I LOVE these photos!!!

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lotus in pond with bride and groom in front of Thai villa, beautiful Thai villa on top of a hill

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The gardens at this villa are so stunning, we especially loved the little pavilion right on the pond's edge. These little oven air sitting areas are common in Thailand and are called Sala(s). Their purpose is traditionally for the communities to use as resting spots or a meeting place, somewhere where the local people can come to be together... sometimes you'll see them on the side of main highways in Thailand in rural areas, or just in a central area of a community spot. 

beautiful photos of bride and groom sitting in pavilion, bride and groom sitting in Thai Sala in the garden

bride and groom sitting in Thai Sala or Pavilion, beautiful thai gardens, air grass, beautiful gardens, Private Thai villa

Uhhh, how CUTE are these two?!?!

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Then we were able to sneak off to the beach for some gorgeous photos just as the sun was setting. Pam's chiffon skirt blew in the wind while they looked into each others' eyes :)

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Matt wanted to carry Pam along the beach and I'm SO happy he did, I absolutely love these moment we captured!!! So special!

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I think these two photos are the perfect end to a gorgeous wedding and truly sum up Pam and Matt as a couple, they love travelling and are very much a team, such a beautiful couple.

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I hope you enjoyed this post and seeing the photos from Pam and Matt's gorgeous wedding and reading a bit about their story! 

Happy Saturday! xoxo