Saturday, August 1, 2015


I'm so excited to finally have this new website design up and I wanted to share on my blog as well. It's actually been about 1.5 years in the making as it was a do-it-yourself project, done by yours truly. DEFINITELY a labour of love.

Here's a peek into what it used to look like:

And THIS is what the new version looks like:

Cherry May Ward Photography website, Koh Samui wedding photographer,

Feel free to take a look around, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy yourself while stopping by my online 'home' ;) 

It's SO HARD for me to choose, but if you would like a shortcut navigating the site, here are some of my favorite pages:

YAY, thank you for stopping by to ready and I hope you love my site as much as I do! <3 

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Friday, April 3, 2015

[engagement] Kerry + Charles, Anantara Bophut and Ban Tai Beach, Koh Samui

Kerry and Charles were referred to me by one of my awesome past clients (now friend!), so we instantly became friends as soon as we met! They have been together almost 11 years and are now planning their wedding somewhere in Asia, destination still undecided. I am SO happy to have had the chance to meet and become friends with these lovely people!  <3

Anantara Bophut, Koh Samui pre-wedding, Pre wedding, Wedding Samui

pre wedding photos at Anantara Bophut, Anatara Bophut wedding photos, Koh Samui wedding photographer

I loved spending the afternoon with these two beautiful people, the way that Charles looks at Kerry is just adorable and then just laughs at her when she decides break out into dance, or start a thumb war during the photo session ;)

FUN couples photoshoot, Koh Samui, dancing in the sunshine, Thailand, loving life, Weather Forecast Koh Samui,

Koh Samui engagement photos, young couple in love, destination wedding photographer, couple leaning on shoulder,

thumb war, a fun couple playing thumb wars during photo session, fun engagement photo session on Koh Samui

Next, we headed down to Ban Tai beach for some sunset photos, and boy did we get a beautiful sunset that evening! Kerry and Charles loved it so much, and I did too, of course! I'm so happy to get to share moments my client treasure with them.

  Just wait until you see... :)

engagement photo on the beach, Koh Samui, Ban Tai sunset couple's photo shoot,

colourful skirt, engagement session outfit, fun colours, happy couple, holding hands, Koh Samui,

sunset photo session on Koh Samui, Ban Tai beach, palm trees and sunset, happy couple hugging, Thailand wedding photographer

cute couple standing holding hand smiling at each other, Ban Tai beach on Koh Samui, engagement photos

Couple sitting on the beach, Ban Tai Beach, Koh Samui, young couple in love, kissing cheek

planing with the sand on Koh Samui, Ban Tai Beach engagement session, colourful skirt, Thailand wedding photographer

Here is Koh Samui sign, Ban Tai beach, fun engagement photos, couple jumping on the beach, Thailand

couple sitting in a hammock on the beach, Ban Tai beach engagement session, Samui engagement photographer, Koh Samui wedding and couples photographer

Koh Samui Engagement session, Ban Tai beach, palm trees on the beach, walking at sunset

view out to sea from Ban Tai beach, view of Koh Phangan from Samui, beautiful hues of blue at sunset, Koh Samui wedding photographer

Couple's engagement session on the beach at Koh Samui, holding hands in the water enjoying the sunset, beautiful beach setting for engagement photos on Koh Samui

beautiful engagement photos on Koh Samui, couple enjoying each others' company, looking into each others' eyes, Koh Samui engagement photos, Koh Samui engagement photo, intimate black and white photo

walking along Ban Tai beach at sunset, beautiful and fun engagement session on Koh Samui

romantic beach sunset photo, couple touching foreheads, intimate photo of a couple in love at sunset, Koh Samui wedding and engagement photographer

Beautiful sunset on Ban Tai beach, Koh Samui, orange hues, sunset over the water on Koh Samui

I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I did taking them! If you're interested in having a similar photo session, or just want to chat, please feel free to get in contact! :) 

Happy Friday! 


Friday, October 24, 2014

[How to] CMW - How to avoid feeling overwhelmed during your wedding planning!

Wedding planning can be such a HUGE deal for brides (and couples, or whoever is doing more of the planning), especially the kinds of wedding I'm involved in (destination weddings, in Thailand) where there can be even more to think about than a regular wedding close to home.

You see, being a young wedding photographer living and working in Thailand, I luckily get to discuss these sorts of things with my brides and industry peers and I've come to realise that wedding planning can actually get really overwhelming, really easily if you're not careful and don't know where to look.   Of course overwhelmed means stressed and stress CAN mean no fun and everyone wants to be the fun, happy and carefree bride!  If you're well organised, can narrow it down, and know what you want your big day to be, I'm sure your wedding day will end up oozing the very air that you dream it will have!

how to avoid feeling overwhelmed during your wedding planning, simple wedding planning, easy wedding planning ideas, simple wedding planning ideas for destination brides,

So, your man just popped the question which opens up a whole new set of questions you both need to think about to actually plan the big day, and you might be wondering... where to start?

This is my guide to avoid becoming overwhelmed while planning your wedding...

The first thing you will need to think about is where you want to have your wedding (keep in mind I'm not talking about the venue here yet, just the general area... if you already know the venue, great! ).
**For destination brides, if you are unfamiliar with the location you will need to research the weather patterns there as the date you have been thinking about might fall in monsoon (wet season) in that place.

Once you know where, you need to think about how many of your friends and family you will invite! Exciting? Yes, but easily overwhelming as well! First, talk about the differences the size of your guest list will have on your day with your partner.. there are pros and cons to both, try to figure out which you would both prefer and work from there. Once you have a basic number/size in your head... THEN start listing people to invite.
**For destination brides, you will need to get this done ASAP as you also need to account for your guests requesting time off from their work, and also have time spare for them to save up for the trip as friends and family almost always want to make a holiday out of your wedding as well... the perfect excuse to start planning a tropical getaway a year ahead? A wedding, of course.

Now, this comes after you've determined the location and number of guests... do you think you'll need to enlist the help of a wedding planner? If you are thinking about having lots of details, consider having a wedding planner, their job is not only to help make everything come together leading up to the wedding day, but also to coordinate on the day and ensure everything is in the right place at the right time. Most wedding industry professionals will email each other prior to your wedding day to introduce themselves (if they haven't worked together before) and ensure they are all on the same page anyway, wedding planners will also help the flow of communication between all vendors prior to and on the day.
**For destination brides, consider whether your wedding will be held in an English-speaking country, if not then having a wedding planner will definitely help make some of your planning steps a lot easier, being based in the country where you are planning your wedding, they might even be able to put you into contact with some great vendors which you can't find by yourself.

To ensure your wedding day runs smoothly, I feel it's really important to choose vendors you like. Remember that on your wedding day, you work with a lot of people who provide you with a service.. photography, videography, transportation, delicious meals, flower arrangements, etc. It's important to think properly about those people and if you can imagine just loving spending your wedding day with them, then they are probably the perfect fit for you! Surrounding yourself with people you get along with and enjoy their company will help make your day that little bit more enjoyable. Think about which vendors you will spend the most time with overall as well as on your big day, this means including email and any other form of communication leading up to your day.
**For destination brides again, depending on your country having the same base-language that you and your partner speak, think about choosing vendors that can speak your language and the language most commonly spoken in that country (if possible) to ensure clarity in communication between them and other vendors as well! ... For example, I speak Thai and English!

I'd say, this is the KEY to your day being awesome... DO, or plan small details as early as possible.. If you remember to simplify as much as possible, wherever possible you're going to save yourself some trouble.. for want of a better word.
IF things start to get complicated, out of hand, or you find yourself scrambling, trying to organise more things that you have time to handle in the time that you have,  think about finding trusted friends (or family) that you would feel happy to delegate certain tasks to help you do! As long as you are excited about your big day, there will be someone else just as excited to help you make it easier on you, knowing there is a lot for you to plan.

There can be so many different wedding ideas, styles, and themes out there that you can just get lost in it all. Wedding blogs and magazines have trends, just like fashion does.. they come and go, some you'll love, some you won't, but the most important thing to consider, when it's all said and done and especially when you have so many options to choose from, so many directions to go, is to decide.  Go on, just make a choice. Stick with what pulls at your heartstrings and don't waver from it. It will be easier that way (and a lot less overwhelming) as well as a lot more meaningful, when you decide on something that is you.

the simple wedding planning checklist, wedding planning checklist, wedding planning ideas, where to start with your wedding planning, how to make wedding planning simple and easy,

Here are some extra tips for you to ensure your day is fun filled (and worry free)...

LIST 3 major GOALS that you want your day to accomplish... 

...think about this.. these can be the 'feel' your want to surround your day, think of 3 compliments you would LOVE nothing more than to hear your friends and family to say about your day..

LIST 3 details about your day that you DEFINITELY wouldn't want to go without... 

...think about what is really the most important to you...that way, keeping things this simple might help you worry less if anything else -other than your 'can't do without' details- goes astray, you needn't worry!]