Thursday, August 21, 2014

[wedding] Ashling + Cormac, Bandara Resort & Spa, Bophut, Koh Samui

They met at work in a restaurant, on Ashling's first day nearly 15 years ago, she'd already caught his attention after walking into the kitchen... apparently that night the restaurant guests had to wait a little longer than usual to get their desserts.

Since then they've moved and travelled together and made a good story of their own, have a beautiful home together in Australia, and the proudest parents ever! This is just the beginning of a new story they get to write together though, and I'm so happy and honoured to have been asked to be a part of their beautiful wedding day!

They chose the Bandara Resort & Spa, Samui as their wedding venue, and what a beautiful resort to hold a wedding!

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Ashling had this gorgeous dress which I fell in love with at first sight.... sigh..

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Ashling... what a name! I'd never heard it before, but during their speeches I found out it means 'dream' how beautiful!

The girls had some sparkling while they got ready together chatting about their holiday & helping to turn Ashling's nerves into excitement...

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Dany of Samui Hair did all the girls' hair as well as Ashling's makeup, she did a beautiful job, as always!

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K. Gee the hotel's wedding planner, organised and planned everything and was running around on the day ensuring everything went smoothly, walk-talky in tow... the Bandara is such a huge property!

While the girls were getting ready, it started raining which gave us all a bit of a scare there for a bit, but luckily it stopped right before the ceremony! Perfect timing, really.

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Meanwhile,  I headed around the corner to see what the boys were up to and got some photos with them :)

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By then the rain had stopped just enough for us to walk out with our umbrellas and we got some nice photos with the guys outdoors.

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They suggested we get some photos by the pool table up near the lobby of the Bandara..

Then chilled out for a bit with a cigar each... they came prepared! ;)

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I love these two photos here :)

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I then headed back to check on the girls who were nearly all done up and they all looked so beautiful!

I took the girls outside for some photos with their drinks while Ashling had her final touches done..

Gorgeous bouquets, don't you think?! LOVE the lotus flowers, they add such a classic (and very Thai) touch :)

Then it was time!!! The girls helped Ash into her beautiful gown and everyone got really excited!!

I love this photo showing all the girls sharing in their excitement and happiness together!

I quickly got some ceremony & aisle photos, K. Gee did a stunning job at making everything come together...

Now, This... THIS is the look of a man who thinks his bride is stunning...

Ashling's mum was so happy to have been able to walk her daughter down the aisle to marry the man she loves.

After the ceremony we hung around for some group, family and bridal party photos...

The dinner set up by the resort and K. Gee was beautiful to say the least.

After, I stole Ash and Cor away for a few minutes to get some photos with just the two of them...

Then it was time for everyone to be seated for dinner...

The speeches were hilarious!

Then as the night came to and end, they let off some lanterns for good luck...

And I asked for one last photo of the happy couple...

To see more of their photos feel free to watch their photo slideshow below which I love as well :) 

I hope you enjoyed reading Ashling & Cormac's story as much as I did recalling it and please feel free to leave a comment letting me and Ash & Cor know if you loved it! 

Happy Thursday!!